Welcome to Christ Is Perfect Life

We’re the home of high-quality, innovative Christian apparel and accessories that reflects your faith and helps you celebrate your Purpose in Christ. We’ll help you spread the message of Christ through your everyday clothing and accessories. 

For customers and us, spreading the gospel means being comfortable in all the ways you can deliver His message. Inspired by the love and celebration of Christ, our goal is for the greater representation of Christ in the global fashion industry.

We give you the option to shout His praise, deliver His words subtly, and just celebrate the goodness of Christ. Get ready to express your beliefs and values in comfortable, innovative, Christian streetwear, athletic, and casual clothes, and accessories.

Our Mission

The mission of Christ is Perfect Life is to celebrate, represent and introduce Christ through high-quality fashion, and influence others to celebrate, represent and introduce Christ more passionately.

Our Core Values

Our values influence how we operate what we want to bring to the world.


We create innovative designs that inspire customers to celebrate Christ and represent Him to others.


We uphold the highest standards in design, production, and customer service. We only use the high quality material and support ethical manufacturing practices. 


We believe in representing Christ in everything we do, even if it’s not popular or seems profitable.

Join Us in Sharing His Word

We appreciate the opportunity to introduce Christ to others even as we rejoice in our faith. Join us, get comfortable, and choose how you spark a conversation, spread His word, and celebrate Christ.



A Member of JHWC Apparel

Christ Is Perfect Life is a part of the JHWC Apparel brand where we seek to embrace our purpose in helping others and spreading the love of Christ. As part of that mission, we donate a portion of the proceeds from our apparel sales across all our brands to existing programs or create new programs to reduce inequality gaps (e.g., economic, gender, race, etc.). 


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