Jesus is our faith scarf

Jesus is our peace

Show your faith in style

Only Christ is Perfect

This is a reminder to not be distracted by the imperfections in our lives

Christ Representative
Floral Scarf

As a Christ Representative, we are always reminded that we are a representation of the Savior we serve

The mission of Christ is Perfect Life is to celebrate, represent and introduce Christ through high-quality fashion and influence others to celebrate, represent and introduce Christ more passionately.

Live to Represent Christ Silk ScarfChrist Representative Floral ScarfChrist Representative Blend ScarfChrist Representative Silk TieChrist Representative Monogram Silk Tie

Christ Representative

Be a Bold, Visible, Fearless, and Honorable Christ Representative every day, even in the simplest of things you do.

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We’re the home of high-quality, innovative Christian apparel and accessories that reflect your faith and will help you celebrate your Purpose in Christ. We’ll help you spread the message of Christ through your everyday clothing and accessories. 

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