Meet the symbols of the Christ Is Perfect Life brand.

Our goal is to represent Christ in everything we do. We weave our daily reminders to ourselves and others into every aspect of our brand, so we never forget who we represent and why.

The Meaning of
Celebrate. Represent. Introduce.

This is what we do every day at Christ Is Perfect Life, and what we welcome those who meet us to do as well. As a symbol of our goals, each letter C, R, and I is in 3 parts as a reminder to always Celebrate Christ, Represent Christ, and Introduce Christ. But the symbolism doesn’t stop there.

As Christ is in every aspect of our lives, our representation of Him is interspersed throughout the entire decal.

The Circle

The circle represents perfection in Christ

The Red

Red represents the blood of Jesus spilled for our sins

The White

White symbolizes our freedom in Christ

The Gold Ring

The gold ring represents eternal life in heaven through Christ

The Meaning of
Only Christ is perfect

Looking at the L, it seems unfinished, incomplete, doesn’t it? Yes, that’s us. In life, we face many obstacles and challenges that discourage us from living in the abundance that was given to us through Jesus.

So, the imperfections in life seek to distract us from that which we should focus on – Jesus and the ultimate sacrifice he made for us.

This is a reminder to not be distracted by the imperfections in our lives. Instead, focus on Jesus – the only perfect One who can deliver us.

The Meaning of
Life Abundance

The air that we breathe is a mixture of many different gases, some more than others (as illustrated by the proportional size of the gases in our Christ Is Perfect Life Cross). That unique combination allows us to live. However, without them, we cannot survive.

Likewise, we cannot survive without Christ. He paid the ultimate price and gave his life to save our own.

As you see the cross and share it with others, remember – we each survive through Christ. In Christ we have abundance, and we no longer need to fear death.

The Meaning of
Christ Representative

Even when you cannot see Him, He is there. When you focus on Him, you will feel his presence.

So, can you see the cross? When you focus, the cross is clearly visible. But it was always there. Your life is a representation of who we celebrate.

Be a Bold, Visible, Fearless, and Honorable Christ Representative every day, even in the simplest of things you do. As a Christ Representative, we are always reminded that we are a representation of the Savior we serve.

The Meaning Of
Jesus Saved My Soul

It Is Finished. As He hung on the cross and the sword pierced His side, He made the ultimate sacrifice for our souls. The plan of redemption was complete, and our souls were saved.

Jesus Saved My Soul is the public expression of our gratitude for the sacrifice Jesus made on behalf of us all.

Here is the story of our redemption

The black

The black represents sin; we need a savior

The diagonal line

The diagonal line represents the path of the wound Jesus sustained

The Red

The red represents the blood that was shed for our sins

The Blue

The blue represents a water baptism, our public declaration of our acceptance of Christ, and a symbol of His grace.

We believe Christ is Perfect Life

Now that you know the meaning behind each of our brand images, it’s time to spark a conversation. As a Christ Representative, Celebrate, Represent, and Introduce Christ every day. For as we know, Only Christ is Perfect, so we can rejoice in Life Abundance because Jesus Saved Our Souls.

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